Monday, November 24, 2014

Autographed Baseballs & Cards from Various Baseball Games

I went to quite a few baseball games growing up, mostly in Houston at the Astrodome/Enron Field/Minute Maid Park, with a few games in a couple other cities. One of my favorite things to do, in fact, something I insisted on doing when we went to a game, was to arrive at the stadium as the gates open and do some autograph hunting.

My main stakeout point was always right next to the visitors dugout, since the crowd was about 25% of the crowd surrounding the home team's dugout. With the occasional exception, you could usually depend on at least a few players stopping by after they finished warming up. Now, it ended up being a crapshoot as far as if your position was in the player's path down the line, but the odds were in your favor of usually getting at least one.

I tried my best to bring one card of each player on the visiting team, but just in case I either didn't have a card of the player, or I couldn't identify the player in time to access his card, I brought a few baseballs along. Here's a quick look at the autographed baseballs I obtained in person at baseball games over the years.

Billy Wagner

Jose Cruz

Brandon Puffer

Luis Gonzalez & Scott Servais (front)

 Luis Gonzalez & Scott Servais (back)

 John Hudek

Bobby Hill

Shane Andrews & Darren Fletcher

It is kind of funny how as a kid, I always thought it was much cooler to get a card autographed than a baseball. I guess being able to pull autographs out of packs and being able to purchase them so cheaply on-line has dampened that a little bit, as 20 years later, I am now MUCH more interested in getting a baseball signed in person than a card. That being said, here are the cards I was able to get signed before various games.

Mark Grace

Sammy Sosa

Luis Gonzalez

Cliff Floyd

Darrin Fletcher

Moises Alou

Bob Tewksbury

Sawyer Carroll

Justin Erasmus

C.J. Retherford

Petey Paramore

Nic Jackson

These are some IP cards that I didn't get signed myself, but obtained through trades:

Mark Grace

Jerome Walton

Greg Maddux

Dick Tidrow

That's it as far as what I have so far, but trust me, though, there will be a lot more to come.

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