Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Devan Dubnyk Signed Mini Mask

Since coming to the Minnesota Wild, goaltender Devan Dubnyk has made an appearance at a paid autograph appearance every year. This year, I was hoping to go in person, as he is definitely worth making the drive for, but unfortunately, I had to work. Luckily, AME Sports, who hosted the signing, is great with mail-ins, so I was still able to participate from a long distance.

In previous years, I had ordered a puck and an 8x10 photo to be signed by Dubnyk, but this year, I went for something different: a mini goalie mask. There were a few options to consider as far as the signature goes, like color and placement. I like to display the goalie masks facing forward, so I ultimately decided to get it signed in gold, right above the cage.

I must say, this looks AMAZING! Due to the way the mask curves toward the air holes on top, there wasn't a large amount of available space, but there was certainly enough. They also had the awareness to have Dubnyk sign in a thinner marker, which really makes the details stand out, The gold ink also coordinates with some of the colors on the mask, but doesn't blend in.

I have plenty of pucks, photos, and cards signed by hockey players already, but after seeing how this one turned out, I might have to add more of these to my collection.

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