Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spring Training: Chicago Cubs vs. Seattle Mariners 3/9/17

My wife and I did end up going to one more Chicago Cubs game last week while we were in Arizona. Just two days after seeing them play Team Italy, we went back to Sloan Park to see them play the Seattle Mariners.

With this being against a Major League team, tickets were a bit tougher to come by. I spent some time on various second-hand ticket websites, and finally, the right deal came across, and I jumped on it. I actually was able to get them for less that face value, which was great! The seats were in the Budweiser rooftop section, which is above the concession area in left-center field. They have bleachers there to sit on, in addition to some restaurant-style tables and chairs. Although it isn't Wrigley field, I can still technically say that I sat in the outfield bleacher seats at a Chicago cubs home game.

After about halfway through the game, we decided to move a bit closer, and sat in some field-level seats on the first base side of the park. It was amazing to see how different of a game it is when you are at that different perspective.

Like at every Sloan Park home game, Fergie Jenkins was holding an autograph signing with former MLB players to raise money for various charities. The names will sometimes change, but everyone at this game was also at the previous one. The only difference was the George Foster wasn't at this game, so it's a good thing I got the ball signed by him at the previous one. This time around, I got baseballs signed by Byron Browne and Darrell Evans, and a photo from Lee Smith. I actually purchased just one photo for Smith to sign in silver, but when the silver paint pen wasn't working too well with some letters, he signed another copy in blue for me, and had me keep them both. Despite that imperfection, I still like the silver one better, but of course I appreciate the gesture.

Baseball games are always fun. Always. Even when you are at your second game in three days, and for the second time, they manage to enter the 9th inning with a lead, and end the game with a loss. It just goes to show that even though they are World Series champions, the Cubs will always be the Cubs.

Here's to a great 2017 baseball season, everybody!

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  1. Unfortunately for the Mariners and their fans, beating the Cubs in a preseason game, will most likely be the highlight of the upcoming season.