Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Minnesota Sports Holiday Show Part 13: Framed Miracle on Ice 16x20 Signed by Neal Broten

A month and a week after the 2014 Minnesota Sports Holiday Show, I am FINALLY posting the last of the amazing items I was able to get my hands on. I posted most of my Neal Broten autographs a couple days ago, but there was one more item that I felt deserved its own post entirely.

I knew I wanted something of Neal to recognize his role on the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team, but I wasn't sure what. There were no USA pucks or jerseys, so I was pretty much left with 8x10s, which was perfectly fine with me. The question, then, was do I go for a celebration shot, or an individual action shot.

My question was answered when I saw two things.

First, I saw a celebration shot in a 16x20 size. I originally wanted this photo more than an individual shot, but the problem was, in 8x10 form, there is so much activity with so many people, that it everything just seems cramped. Blown up to twice that size, and everything fits perfectly.

Secondly, I saw their table of frames. They had frames already made for 16x20 and 8x10 sizes, and after browsing for a couple minutes, I found a frame that was exxentially designed to go with the very photo I was considering.

It didn't take me long to make that decision. After purchasing the autograph ticket, the photo, and the frame, I now have this beauty hanging up in my man cave:

It's an amazing piece, and serves as the perfect conclusion to a great collector's show. I had an absolute blast meeting all these current and former athletes, and the fees were some of the lowest I've seen anywhere for any show (five of the 13 signers were free!!!) I'm hoping that by calling this the "First Annual" show, that means there will be more to come, because you better believe I'll be showing up for the next one!

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