Sunday, January 17, 2016

Chris Kunitz Autographed Puck

While my home state, Minnesota has a few options as far as where to go for public signings of Minnesota Wild players, Total Sports Enterprises seems to be the place to go for signings for my favorite team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. I've gotten quite a few pucks, photos, and even a jersey, from them over the past year, and recently, I was able to add a new puck to my collection when they hosted a signing with Penguins forward Chris Kunitz.

Kunitz may not carry the marquee name as some of the other Penguins do, but he has quite the resume, with two Stanley Cups (2007, 2009), a World Championship Silver Medal for Team Canada in 2008, and an Olympic Gold Medal with Team Canada in 2014. He has been great at giving the Penguins offensive production in the past few years, but has struggled so far this season, as most of the team has. Hopefully things will pick up soon for him, as he is quite the talented player.

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