Monday, February 29, 2016

Mike Modano & Dino Ciccarelli Signing from 2/20/2016

I live in Minnesota, and was very excited when I found out that the "State of Hockey" would be getting a Stadium Series outdoor game in 2016. I was pumped up and ready to go, and when the tickets went on sale, well, it was a bit out of the price range.

I did, however, find out of a different way to participate in Stadium Series-related activities, when FanHQ announced that they would be hosting an autograph signing with Minnesota North Stars Alumni and Hockey Hall-of-Famers Mike Modano and Dino Ciccarelli. Even though I live in Minnesota, it is still almost a 4-hour drive to Minneapolis, so if I am going, there definitely has to be a player worthy enough for the trip.

Modano definitely fit that bill for me, and it was even an easy task to convince my wife to come along, too, as she, growing up in Texas, began watching hockey when the Dallas Stars were on their Stanley Cup run in 1999. Both Modano and Ciccarelli were super friendly an appreciative to the fans who showed up, and it was a well-run event overall. I got a few autographs, and was able to get a picture with both players.

This last photo was taken from FanHQ's Facebook page and is of Modano signing a few of my items.

Anyway, here's what I got signed:

Mike Modano Dallas Stars Jersey

Mike Modano Jersey Number Retirement 16x20
(I couldn't scan this, and had to take a photo using my camera, but trust me, this doesn't do the actual item any justice. At the risk of going over the top with my bragging, this is a BEAUTIFUL looking piece in person.)

Mike Modano Jersey Number Retirement Puck

Mike Modano Stanley Cup 8x10

Dino Ciccarelli Mini Helmet

Dino Ciccarelli 8x10

That's it for this event. I had a great time there, and got to meet some great players. I'm not able to make most of FanHQ's signings, but they are able to bring in some amazing guests every now and then that really make it worth all the effort to get there. 

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