Friday, August 18, 2017

Nick Bonino Autographed Puck & Photo

So, a few weeks ago, Nick Bonino left the Pittsburgh Penguins to sign with the Nashville Predators. Upon his departure, TSE, which has hosted signings with him in the past, had a 60% sale on all Nick Bonino signed items from when they hosted him during his time with the Penguins. Of course, I had to buy in, and picked up two items for my collection.

First of all, I needed a puck, and this is my first one from this season, which features their special 50th anniversary logo. Of course, I also had to get one of the official game pucks, as I think, they look so much better than the "autograph" style pucks.

O then grabbed up a signed photo of Bonino lifting up the Stanley cup after they won it this past season. A part of my collection is a binder designated only for autographed photos of players lifting the Stanley Cup, and of course, this fits right in there.

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