Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Shane Robinson Autographed Baseball

I did pick up one more item when I was at the Mark Johnson/John Harrington/Jimmy Hart signings. This is a "Mystery Ball" from FanHQ. Basically, you can purchase a sealed box that FanHQ put together, featuring a Rawlings Official Major League Baseball, autographed by a current or former member of the Minnesota Twins.

The ball I pulled is signed by Shane Robinson, who played for the Twins for just one season in 2015. Robinson has spent most of his MLB career as an outfielder, but that year, he also made an appearance on the mound, pitching an inning against the Cleveland Indians. Robinson is now a member of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and has spent most of the season in AAA.

The cool thing about this ball, though, is that in addition to being signed, it is also game used. When you consider that the Twins sell there gamers for $35 minimum, getting a signed version for $10 cheaper ended up being quite a deal!

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