Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Phil Kessel Autographed Puck

Right alongside my Mike Lange puck is a brand new addition that I am super excited about, an autographed puck of Penguins superstar Phil Kessel from a private signing at Total Sports Enterprises.

The item was actually purchased back in May. TSE had announced that Kessel had agreed to a signing, but it all depended on the Penguins' playoff run, as to when the event would take place. Well, the Penguins went the distance, and it ended up being August before the signing happened, but I now finally have this great puck to add to my expanding Penguins puck collection.

I should probably write more about Kessel, but this video says it all:

"Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup champion." - Barack Obama

1 comment:

  1. My lady, who despises the Penguins, loved Kessel before he went there. I think it broke her heart a little. She loves him because he "looks like an insurance salesman."