Saturday, September 30, 2017

TTM Returns: Week Ending 9-30-17

Here's a quick look aty my TTM returns for the week ending September 30, 2017:

Marc-Eduard Vlasic

Bobby Witt

Gerald Young

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  1. Hey matt,
    I just stumbled across this blog and I think it's fair to say you've got your share of cool autos. I was hoping that you could help me out with a set I'm trying to finish up. (actually, me googling a player for that set to try to send to is what brought me here to begin with!) It's Score 2013-14 hockey, I'm down to a little under 100 cards I need. If you'd be interested in selling or trading any of your extras, I'd really appreciate it. Here's my email if you wanted to set something up.
    Thanks a ton,