Monday, February 23, 2015

Tyler Seguin Autographed Puck

I'm mainly a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, of course, but due to growing up in Texas, I am also a Dallas Stars fan. That sometimes comes at odds with the fact that I now live in Minnesota, as there is still bad blood towards the franchise, despite having a team of our own again. Still, I am a fan, and like to get my hands on Stars items whenever the opportunities present themselves.

Recently, Stars center Tyler Seguin did a private signing with Your Sports Memorabilia, and I jumped at the chance to get something signed. There was an option to purchase from them an "autograph puck" for the signing, which is a puck with a small team logo in the center, which leaves lots of black space surrounding it for the signature. They're great if you want an inscription on the puck, but for me, it looks SO much better to get an official game puck with just the player's signature. In my opinion, it just looks like a more high-end item, and much nicer. Of course, this meant I had to spend extra money on the more expensive puck, and pay for postage to send it in, but at long last, the signing was complete, and I now have the puck in my hands.

As and extra touch, Seguin added his own "Seguin Authentic" hologram to the back, giving his own authenticity guarantee to it. I'm not planning on selling or trading it, so it's not necessary to me, but it's certainly a nice touch.

Seguin can be a tough get sometimes. He doesn't seem to do any TTM, and in person he can be tough to get to stop and sign, so I knew when this opportunity came up, I had to take it. It's a great new addition to my collection, and I'm glad to finally have a Seguin signature.

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