Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Autographed Pucks of Marc-Andre Fleury and Kris Letang

I got these about a month ago, but I am just now getting around to posting them, despite how great they both are, and how excited I am to add them to my collection. Total Sports Enterprises hosted a private signing with two Pittsburgh Penguins superstars: goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury and defenseman Kris Letang.

I never get the chance to get them in person for two reasons. For one, I live in Minnesota, so any public signings in the Pittsburgh area are out of the question to attend in-person. Two, the Penguins do come to Minnesota once a year to play the Wild, and I usually go with a few other guys, but we're usually at the bar before and after the game, so no time for autograph seeking.

Anyway, I was able to place a mail order with TSE, which is the best way for me to get my hands on some great-looking Penguins autographs, and here's how they look:

Pucks are usually my first item to get signed when I get the chance, and for me, if I am laying down money for a paid signing, I'm going to get it on an official puck. Players take their time with the signatures, as opposed to a rushed IP signature, and they just look so much better on an official model.

That gives me most of the Penguins I need, although I am still waiting on Crosby to do a signing. I suppose I'll have to get Kessel, too, if he ever does one, but with the season almost over, I may just have to wait until next season.

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