Thursday, November 12, 2015

Autographs from a Few Private Signings

Living right one MN/ND border, I don't live in an area that commonly has many autograph opportunities. Minneapolis has plenty, but it's still a four-hour drive away. Luckily, my good friend Darrell runs Halkman Sports, which hosts plenty of private autograph signings, and I've taken part in quite a bit of them over the past few months. Here's what I was able go get my hands on, exclusively through Halkman Sports. 

Adam Everett

Jacques Jones

Ron Gant

Floyd Youmans

J.R. Richard

Shawn Chacon

Jose Guzman

Darrell usually tries to do a couple every month and has upcoming signings scheduled with Scott Erickson, Daryle Ward, Doug Mientkiewicz, and Ron Gant. If anyone is interested in taking part, visit the website at

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