Friday, November 13, 2015

Autographed Pucks from Evgeni Malkin, Pascal Dupuis, and Phil Bourque

I got these a few months ago, and considering how awesome each of them are, I honestly have no idea why I haven't posted on them yet. Really, I have no good reason, other than just general laziness, which is weird, because I took the time way back then to scan them into the computer.

Either way, earlier this year, Total Sports Enterprises hosted an autograph signing with three Penguins players (well, two current and one former), Evgeni Malkin, Pascal Dupuis, and Phil Bourque. I'd like to say it was Malkin who brought me into it, but really, I would have participated for any of the three. Either way, I decided to order a puck from each of them, and of course, I had to have the Official Game Pucks. Here's how they look

I've never been able to pinpoint Malkin's signature. I can kind of see how the beginning might be an "E," but the rest, I have no clue on. Maybe it's his initials in the Cyrillic alphabet? I do always think it's funny when players rush through a mess of a signature, yet take the time to write out their jersey number. Still, a Malkin puck is a Malkin puck, and I'm thrilled to have it.

While Dupuis's signature is a bit chaotic, I love how he actually uses almost the ENTIRE puck. There's a little bit of streaking in the pen he used, most likely from moving the marker too fast, but it's still a great-looking puck.

Bourque has a signature that you can almost actually read, well, the last name, at least. Like Dupuis, he used the full surface of the puck for his signature, and even included a "#" before his jersey number. Another fantastic puck.

This 8x10 is of Bourque, but it wasn't actually signed at this particular signing. TSE had these from a previous signing at a really good price, so I figured, why not? The signature is placed perfectly on the available space of the ice surface, and it even included an inscription recognizing the two Stanley Cups he won with Pittsburgh in 1991 and 1992.

I'm very happy with each of the items I got from these three players. They all look great, and I will say that TSE did a great job of handling the items and getting them to me safely. Most of their upcoming signings are of Pittsburgh Steelers players, but I will definitely be keeping my eye open for the next time they bring any more Penguins in.

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