Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Bunch More Autographed Cards

So, about a month ago, I posted on a bunch of cards that I picked up in a Facebook "Fire Sale." F rot hos unfamiliar with the process, a seller posts a number of cards that he is trying to get rid of, and than those following the sale will simply claim that cards that they want. It's a great way for sellers to get rid of extra cards that they don't want, and also for buyers to get cards that they need at really low prices.

Anyway, the same guy who had the Fire Sale the last time I posted had another, with some older cards, which was perfect for me. I'm working on the 1990-91 Upper Deck set, and was able to pick up 11 cards to ad to the collection. Now, I already had Phil Bourque and Brent Hughes, but these were signed in blue, so I picked them up as better-looking replacements. The other 9 are brand new.

There were also two cards for the 2013-14 Score set that I'm working on, for only a couple bucks each.

As a big Zach Parise fane, I was thrilled to see this one available, even if it is of him on the Devils, and not the Wild. I think this one was just $2!

Here's a few cards from teams I like. Of course, there are a couple of Penguins, and some older ones, with Dave Burrows and Jean Pronovost. There's also some Minnesota hockey players, with Bobby Smith, Ryan Suter, and Christian Folin.

These are a few older cards that I like. Ken Morrow was part of the 1980 USA Olympic team, Aaron Broten grew up in Roseau, MN, and Sharlie Simmer was a pretty good player in his day.

These don't really fit into any of my collections, but for some reason, I couldn't pass them up. Here was have Jordan Eberle, Tomas Plekanec (x2), Kari Lehtonen, Adam Henrique, Sean Burke, Alexei Yashin, Mark Letestu, Griffin Reinhart, and Mikael Backlund.

That's it for these, although I'm sure I'll have plenty more to show off before too long.

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