Friday, July 7, 2017

2 Names Added to My Miracle on Ice Photo

A few weeks ago, I had the great chance to meet a couple of guys from the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team. Dubbed the "Miracle on Ice" due to their unlikely defeat of a dominant Russian team and eventual Gold Medal, the event has been named in many places as he greatest moment in American sports history.

I had previously gotten 11 signatures on my 16x20 photo of the post-game celebration, in large part due to an event that FanHQ hosted in March, featuring 11 members of the team.

The event was supposed to feature all 12 Minnesota guys, but unfortunately, John Harrington was unable to appear due to a flight cancellation. His signing was postponed, but now that it had been rescheduled, I made the trip back to the Minneapolis area. Joining him was Wisconsin boy Mark Johsnon, which would bring my total up to a "lucky 13."

The Harrington ticket I had purchased from the previous event would still be honored, but I decided to go ahead and buy one more ticket for each guy, figuring I'd also get an 8x10 signed by each of them. Considering the early star time, and the long drive my wife and I had to make, plus the fact that neither of us are morning people, I arrived at the event a little late.

I got my tickets, picked up an 8x10 for each of them to sign, and got in line. Harrington's line was shorter, so I got into that one, and got his signature on both the large group photo, and the 8x10 of him celebrating a goal.

I got into the Mark Johnson line next, and as I was waiting, I bean looking over my group photo, just curious as to where his signature already was on that one. After not being able to find #10, I asked one of the FanHQ employees if Johnson had been there for the big event, or if he was a new one. I was told he was a new guest, and had him sign the group photo instead of the 8x10. I guess, for some reason, when I saw his name on the event announcement, I assumed he was one I already had, and didn't give it another thought. Had I done my research ahead of time, I probably would have skipped the Harrington 8x10, and had Johnson sign a copy of his 1990-91 Upper Deck card for the set that I'm working on. At least I finally asked at the last minute, instead of missing out on him on the celebration photo. I'd really be kicking myself if that had happened. 

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