Sunday, April 18, 2021

TTM Returns: Week Ending 4-17-21

Now that I've gotten back into the TTM game, my mailbox has been filling up again! Here's a qyuck look at the cards I got back in the mail this week:

Ryan Wing - 9 days, home address

(2005 Donruss Champions is a set that almost looks like it was designed to be signed. There is all that open space on the right side of the card, and as you can see, it looks phenomenal when signed in blue. I might have to look for a set of these, and start sending them out. A great-looking TTM set, for sure.)

Matt Downs - 9 days, home address

Stu Cliburn - 11 days, home address

Sherman Corbett - 22 days, home address

Mark Wagner - 10 days, home address

George Canale - 23 days, c/o Canale's Ham & BBQ

Pat Combs - 20 days, home address

Don Hood - 14 days, home address

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