Friday, January 22, 2016

3 Packs of Hit Parade 8x10s

In addition to a whole bunch of cards that I wrote about a couple months ago on my other blog, Cardboard Conundrum, I also picked up a few non-card items from a recent purchase at Dave & Adam's Card World. They have their own makeshift "Hit Parade" packs, which are buyback products centered around cards or memorabilia. Upon finding their "Stars of Hockey Autographed 8x10 Edition," I decided to pull the trigger on a few. I purchased three packs, which would each contain an autographed 8x10, and here's what I ended up with:

Mike Modano
This was actually the first one I opened, and knew that no matter what I pulled from the other two, I would consider the whole lot a successful purchase. Living in Minnesota now, and formerly in Texas, I am a Stars fan, which makes me a huge Modano fan. 

Mike Eruzione
You can't be an American hockey fan, without having a great respect and appreciation for the 1980 Olympic Team. Eruzione was the captain for Team USA, and led the squad of American college kids to an upset over the Russian juggernaut, and eventually, a gold medal.

Henrik Sedin
When is comes to the Sedin twins, one of them is the leader, and the other is the goal scorer. Henrik is the goal scorer.  I'm not the biggest Canucks fan, but this is still a pretty impressive autograph to pull, so I'm happy with it.

That's it for these. I got three, adn I think I went 3-for-3 on pulling really good autographs. Definitely worth the money if you don't mind taking a chance. Dave & Adams still has some of these left, but their supplies are limited. I might end up picking up a few more, just to see what else is there.

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