Friday, January 29, 2016

Charlie Coyle Autographed Card

Last on the lists of Minnesota Wild public signings that I had to send away for is Charlie Coyle, who signed at AME Sports along with Darcy Kuemper. I already have a puck signed by him from last year, so I figured I'd send his Young Guns rookie card to get signed.

Now, how does a 2013-14 Upper Deck Young Guns card turn into a 2015-16 O-Pee-Chee card? Well, it's all thanks to the USPS.

The signing was coming up soon, but I had to wait on the puck to arrive here that I was going to send for Kuemper. By the time it had arrived, the signing was just days away, so I knew I had to be sure it got there on time. The signing was Monday. I shipped it out the Thursday before, and used Priority Shipping, which is a 1-3 day service, so I figured worst case scenario, it would get there Monday, the day of the signing.


It got there Wednesday, six days later. I know some things take time, but I was sending it 200 miles in the same state, and paying extra to get it there quicker! I could have taken a morning and afternoon and taken it there myself, but the USPS needs almost a week. It's unbelievably frustrating, but there was some silver lining.

As you can see with the posts I did yesterday and today, I do have autographs of Kuemper and Coyle. I'm assuming that what the guys & gals at AME did, was simply replace the items I sent in with signed items from their own surplus. Now as anyone who shops at these stores knows, these items are sold with a profit in mind, so the fact that they swapped the items out instead of sending mine back unsigned, essentially means they lose out on some money, as they could have sold for more then just the signing fee I sent them.

They really made sure to treat me right, and in turn, they have a customer for life.

In short, USPS sucks, AME Sports is awesome.

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