Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bob Backlund Autographed 8x10

Considering how big of a professional wrestling fan as I am, and the fact that I live in the wresyling hotbed of Minnesota, it's amazing how few wrestling autographs I have in my collection. I got my first one recently, as I placed an order for a Bob Backlund autographed 8x10 that would be signed at a public signing hosted by Cardboard Promotions in Woburn, MA.

The risky thing with ordering a photo to be signed, is that you don't always know what the photo will be, or how the finished product will look. I must say, though, that I thought they gave me the PERFECT photo for this order.

Backlund is best known for holding the second-longest title reign ass WWWF (now WWE) Heavyweight Champion, with a 2,138-day title reign. For me, I know Backlund from his return to the WWF in the early '90s as the crazy old man, who would "snap" during his matches and not let go of his Cross-Face Chickenwing submission hold until his opponents were seriously injured. He would regain the title from Bret "The Hitman" Hart, but would lost it just three days later to Diesel at a house show.

I know it isn't what his career is known for, but this is the Backlund that I got to know as a young wrestling fan, which makes this the absolute perfect photo of his for me to have signed.

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